Sell Annuity Payments

An annuity can be a good source of long term income, but sometimes having access to all of that money would be much more helpful at the current time. FairfieldFunding can quickly buy your annuity payments for cash, and get you the money that you need right now. When you sell annuity payments to FairfieldFunding you can be sure that you will receive top dollar and the process will happen very quickly.

FairfieldFunding Can Help You Get The Cash You Need

So many Americans receive structured settlement or annuity payments in the future, but as the economy continues to struggle many are now looking for ways to accelerate the money due to them. While the insurance companies do not allow the terms to be changed, FairfieldFunding can assist you in selling the annuity payments for a maximum payout. Every annuity recipient has different needs, and our professional team can put together a custom solution that meets every one of those needs. Our team can help you sell annuity payments for top dollar.

Our Expertise & Knowledge Is Unmatched

FairfieldFunding makes it possible for annuity recipients to cash out an asset that they already own. We are one of the leading annuity buying companies, and as a direct funder we are able to get deals closed and finalized much faster than the competitors. Our team is also very active in the legal aspect of buying and selling annuities, ensuring that the transaction is smooth and follows all applicable laws, both state and federal. When it comes time to sell annuity payments, our legal department and accounting department work together to make sure all documentation is handled correctly, resulting in the client walking away with the cash he or she desired.

We can also work along side your attorney, accountant and financial advisor during the process, since this is an importantfinancial decision. Once we agree to a deal, our team will get everything prepared to finalize and close out the transaction.

“I am scheduled to receive a fairly large annuity over the next 20 years but had a slight financial setback. I was in need of money, but I had everything tied up in the annuity and the insurance company would not allow me to withdraw from it or make any changes to the original terms for that matter. I contacted FairfieldFunding to discuss my desire to sell annuity payments and we were able to work out a buyout that got me the cash I needed, and then I was able to take the rest and invest the rest. Thanks FairfieldFunding!” – Harry G – Detroit, Michigan

What Is Your Annuity Worth?

You can find out exactly how much your annuity is worth by speaking with one of our consultants. We offer a free, no obligation valuation of your current annuity. Fill out the contact form above and one of our annuity consultants will contact you right away to structure a quote that meets your specific needs.

If you are interested in finding out how to sell annuity payments then contact us and we can show you why we are the structured settlement company of choice when it comes to selling structured settlements and annuity payments. There is no charge to find out what your annuity is worth. We will offer you more money than any other company, along with a smooth transaction.